From Presidents to Fiction Writing

July 11th, 2016 by TDHolder

So I went from writing a history book called Presidential Character to starting  a series of books in the genre of military science fiction, which begs two questions:

  1. Um…why?
  2. What’s military science fiction?

As to #1., I like interesting stories, which is what prompted me to write Presidential Character, a book that looks at the views on faith, race, and leadership of the first 6 presidents. I enjoyed getting to research and write interesting stories about interesting people. Furthermore, having the book has enabled me to get opportunities to get in front of groups and tell some of these stories.

I loved working on Presidential Character, and I hope to do more books along this line. But it is pretty research-intensive. I wanted a break from that kind of storytelling. I wanted to wrestle with plot, drama, and dialogue without doing the heavy research. I wanted to tell fun, action-based stories with a sense of humor. The Logan Franklin Chronicles allow me to do that.

As to question #2., I didn’t know that military science fiction was a thing. Here’s the story on that: I had written the novel Double Crossed, gotten a publisher, felt the book was overpriced, and chose to re-publish it myself. Then, I had an encounter with Paul (not the apostle, another guy with the same name). This other Paul told me that the book I had written belonged in a genre of writing called “military science fiction.” Simply put, this meant I had written a sci-fi novel that revolved around military characters, like in Star Trek or Stargate. For those interested in such things, Star Wars would be an example of space opera (even though they don’t sing, so I kind of don’t understand that, but since I don’t write in that genre it’s not really an issue for me).

Anyway, inspired by Paul (not the apostle, he is pretty inspirational, too), I have tweaked, fleshed out, and serialized Double Crossed (meaning I’ve added stuff, deleted stuff, changed plot lines, and begun turning a single book into a series).

Book 1, Some Re-Assembly Required, will be released very soon on Kindle. It’s really a novella (meaning it’s short).

Book 2 will be released a little later in 2016, also on Kindle.

Since Book 1 is short, the first two books will actually be combined when they are released as paper and ink copies later.

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