Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

October 11th, 2016 by TDHolder

I wrote this because even though it is a very unimportant topic, sometimes I like to read things like this. I ranked the Marvel movies. None of them are bad, so instead of a best to worst, I did more of an awesome to just okay kinda ranking.

  1. Captain America: Civil War–Was everything great? It seemed that way. It had lots of action and humor. It was a legit Captain America movie even though it had a ton of heroes in it. I had no previous knowledge or emotional investment in Black Panther, but the character was interesting and his fighting style was pretty exciting. I’m more interested in his upcoming movie, so mission accomplished, Marvel. The new Spiderman was fantastic.
  2. Avengers 2–Another home run! Some people actually complained about the movie having too many super heroes, but isn’t that like going to a romantic comedy and complaining that they focused too much on the couple’s relationship? I mean, Avengers 2 was a movie about a bunch of super heroes.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy–I was so wrong about this one. I thought a movie with a talking tree and some kind of talking varmint would be, well, stupid. But this movie had such a great blend of action and humor, and it even got poignant at time or too, that I was happy to be wrong.
  4. Avengers–a fantastic kick off for the big, multiple-hero movies. 4 big named super heroes, plus 2 lesser heroes who were nevertheless interesting, made for a fun story.
  5. Iron Man 1–a fantastic kick off for Marvel’s shared universe movie franchise. Would Tony Stark overcome his personal demons and apply his considerable talents and deadpan sense of humor to save the day? Of course. And his announcement at the end of the movie made me want to find out what happened next.
  6. Captain America 2–adding Black Widow and Falcon was brilliant. This was a very good movie.
  7. Ant Man–this story threatened to go from funny to goofy at times, but overall it worked. Like Black Panther, this was a character that I had no knowledge of or emotional investment in, but this movie hooked me.
  8. Thor 2–This was a lot more entertaining than Thor 1. It was a very good.
  9. Captain America 1–I wanted to like this more than Thor 2 because I like the character of Captain America, and I liked the WW 2 setting. Maybe it was hard to like it too much because you know the ending is going to be depressing. But the after credits trailer for the Avengers was cool.
  10. Iron Man 2–Talk about the the whole being less than the sum of its parts. You’ve got Black Widow, Nick Fury, Don Cheadle, more exciting super hero action than the first movie, and yet there is something wrong here. Maybe it’s the re-hash of the question from the first movie: Would Tony Stark overcome his personal demons and apply his considerable talents and deadpan sense of humor to save the day?
  11. Iron Man 3–The last scene was very funny, but the main question was “Would Tony Stark overcome his pers–” No, forget it. I’m not writing this again. I’m kind of okay with not getting an Iron Man 4.
  12. Thor 1–I didn’t get the appeal. As near as I can figure, his hammer can vanquish any foe. Where’s the dramatic tension in that? This movie was okay. The main strength of it is to introduce the characters for Thor 2, which was much better, and to advance the story moving forward to the Avengers.
  13. Hulk–This movie wasn’t bad, but it’s about a super hero who hates his super power and doesn’t have any friends. #Depressing

Timothy D. Holder is the author of the military sci-fi ebook series The Logan Franklin Chronicles.

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