4 Traits of Influential Christians, Part 3

February 22nd, 2015 by TDHolder

Last month, I shared two traits that seem to be recurring themes in the lives of influential Christians: prayer and planning. This month I want to add a third: preparation.

Lots of people have dreams: I wish I could go to Europe/be a lawyer/lose 30 pounds/be more popular/whatever. Sometimes we pray for the things we want; sometimes we even imagine scenarios to get us from where we are to where we want to be.

But are we willing to pay the dues? Are we willing to do the hard work of preparing in order to accomplish the goal we have in mind?

The reality, of course, is that people are willing to do the preparation for all kinds of things. If you want to be a lawyer, you go to law school. If you want to be a hair stylist, you go to beauty school. If you want to be an electrician, you’ve got to…um…do some…electrician stuff…I guess. (Okay, actually, you take some classes, go through an apprenticeship, etc.)

The point is that if we want to have an impact as Christians, we have to be willing to do the work.

Are you willing to take the class/get the degree/go on the mission trip/go on the retreat/learn the skills? What if your preparation takes five years? Does that paralyze you, or is it worth it for the benefit over the next forty years?

Be willing to pay the price–go through the preparation–so you can go make a difference.

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